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In our shop, we take a holistic approach to our cannabis community. So as well as
providing you with the highest quality CBD products and smoking accessories, you
can also get the most smoker-friendly, Magic King apparel to complete the

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Magic King T-Shirt

Our shop is recognised for its connection with the real smoking community, and there’s nothing better than showing the world you’re part of the MagicKingfam movement.
Come and discover our varieties of t-shirts.
Choose a pair of socks for the total cannabis look.

Magic King Shirts

There are tees, tanks and long-sleeved designs for both men and women in a range of sizes. Comfortable and casual, you can wear a belgian brand shirt from Magic King to let the world know you’re part of the MAGICKINGfam. All machine-washable, you can choose a Magic King shirt 100%  cotton, cotton blend or nylon blend.               

Magic King HOODIES

One of the most popular clothing items in the Magic King apparel range is the Magic King hoodie. They’ve become a staple part of a natural smokers' wardrobe thanks to their smoker-friendly features, particularly the quality and the color of this collection, we honored the flag of belgium with the black, yellow and red color sweater and the orange sweater for the capital of cannabis Amsterdam.

Magic King Collaborations

Knowing that we are in creativity and innovation.

Magic King collaborates with artists such as Doctor Ideology.

The brand also supports young talents such as rappers, drawers, bloggers, …


For collaboration proposals, do not hesitate to contact us!


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Visit our instagram and visit more contents !